One of the fun part of being on vacation is to eat good food. Unfortunately it´s not usually so interesting for a child to try new food. As a parent I understand the concern over your child´s food before a holiday. I´ll give you my best tips how to eat well on vacation with kids.

Bring your own food on shorter trips

Eating out is often expensive. Bring your own food if you want to save money. Bring a picnic, for example, pancakes, pasta salad, sandwiches, pie. If you want to bring warm food there are food thermos to buy. A food thermos has a large opening to make it easier for you to be able to fill the jar with food and to eat directly from it. Here you can store warm soup, sausages or food from baby food jar that you have warmed a little bit  extra before your excursion.

Own household – Eat well on vacation with kids

On a vacation with kids it can be a good idea with your own household with a small kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. It is often a lot cheaper and it can be nice to avoid having to go to a restaurant with young children. Check before what kind of kitchen equipment there is where you are going to live and where the nearest grocery store is located. If you are going on a trip you can prepare lunch boxes before, just like at home.

Food for kids on vacations
Great to have self catering for a children family (Eat well on vacation with kids)

Restaurant with kids

Sometimes a visit to a restaurant with young children can be pretty easy and sometimes it can be very stressful. Bring a touchpad to the restaurant and give to your child if you feel it is needed. As a parent I know that it can be a struggle when you need to help your child during eating. And it can be difficult for a child with a lot of energy to stay at the table until everyone has finished their food.

Sometimes we first help our children with their food, then me and my husband can eat in peace and quiet while our kids play iPad. As everyone know, quality time with the parents, without a touchpad, is of course best for a child. But a short time using of the iPad will not harm your child, and you and the other guests at the restaurant will be as happy as your child 😀

Share portion on the restaurant

Often it may be cheaper to share an adult portion instead of buying two child portions. Ask for an extra plate when ordering. The adult portion may even be healthier than the children’s portion, which sometimes does not even contain vegetables.

Eat well on vacation with kids
Me and my dad get time to talk, and my kids are happy with the Ipad while waiting for the food.

All inclusive

It is not surprising that All Inclucive is a popular type of vacation for families with children. All inclusive often meens transport to the destination, accommodation, food and drinks that are included in the price for the holiday. It may be nice to know that everything is already paid. However, check in advance what is included in your All inclusive as it often differs between the hotels.

Bottled drinking water

In Sweden and in some other countries you drink the healthy tap water. In other countries you should usually not drink the tap water. It can be a big cost just to buy drinking water for the whole family. Buy a really big bottle of drinking water in the supermarket, and then small water bottles that you can re-use and fill from the big bottle. Remember, however, to change the small bottles now and then so you do not get stomach ache as it can grow bacteria in them after a while.

Are you worried about what your child shall eat on your vacation?

You don’t have to worry, children don’t starve. The child will find something to eat from what you serve, either if they find something nice from your plate or something special for them. It is not dangerous if your child eats pasta och French fries for two weeks. It is often possible to find bananas or other fruits that your child can eat if he/she does not eat enough food. Bring a lot of fruits when your do excursions, good as between meals-snack and also as a supplement if your child doesn’t eat a lot of food.

You can buy biscuits or nuts from a local shop and always have in your carry-on bag. You will see that maybe your child will find some local delicacy that becomes their favorite dish during your holiday.

Baby food

Sometimes we have brought baby food jars during our vacations. At the end of the vacation it turns out that we have half of the children’s food left, since our child ate the local food. Usually baby food jars are available to buy in the local pharmacy or grocery store on your destination. Although it may not taste exactly the same as at home.

Eat well on vacation with kids

Here we forgot Judith’s plastic plate and the porcelain plate just wanted to fall down on the floor. To pick small pieces of food into the mouth occupied Judith for a long time.

Eat well on vacation with kids
Take the opportunity to visit the local fruit and vegetable shop on your vacation. Fun for you and your kids to try new fruits.

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