It can be a bit tricky to get your baby to sleep on the plane, but here I`ll give you my best advice!

“Toilet Trick” – This master trick will probably get your baby to sleep

When our little Judith is tired, unhappy and are crying, we try the “toilet trick”. You bring your child to the aircraft lavatory and lock the door just half way. The door are locked but the lamp in the toilet doesn’t turn on. Gentle rock your child. The darkness and the calmness in the lavatory makes our little girl to stop cry and fall asleep pretty quick.

Make sure to have the pacifier in a string so you don’t drop it on the toilet floor.

Make a hut

A thin blanket and a pillow can facilitate sleep on the plane. On night flights you often get a blanket from the staff. If you hang the blanket from the child’s seat to the front seat you create a small hut, which can make it easier for your child to get to rest. Try to put on the seat belt on your child when he/she is sleeping. During the flight, you are sometimes asked to put your belt on due to turbulence, then it is good if your child already have it on.

Bedbox from Jetkids

Another tip is to bring a Bedbox. We like the bedbox from Jetkids (No sponsored post!)
Jetkids bedbox is a small children’s suitcase on wheels with accompanying mattress that can be placed in the flight seat. The suitcase is placed at the leg compartment and becomes a support for the mattress. The child can then stretch out his/her legs or lie down and sleep on it. In addition to the mattress, you also have a small space for Ipad, headphones and an activity book.

Usually a bedbox from Jetkids is ok to bring on the plane. But you should anyway contact your airline company in advance to check if it is okay to use them on board.

Baby Carrier

A  baby carrier is also a great help. It can be difficult for a baby or a toddler to come to rest when there is a lot of noise and movements in the plane. Rocking your child in a quieter part of the plane can make him/her relax. A string to the pacifier is great as pacifiers easily disappear.

When your baby are screaming 

No one will die if your child screams during the flight. I know from experience that you’ll  get extremely stressed and think that everyone are looking. Actually, most people feel sorry for you who are struggling with a crying and screaming child, and they are happy not to be you.

The worst thing that can happen is that your child screams throughout the whole journey. It is not dangerous! it is just a noise. If you are worried that this will happen, bring extra earplugs to the passengers around you.

Read more about flight tips and entertainment to bring for babies and older children in my article Flying with kids – My best tips

How do you make your flight with children as smooth as possible and get your baby to sleep on the plane? I am always happy to receive more tips 🙂

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