A feeling of calm and harmony arises when we arrive at Ravenala Attitude Hotel. The lovely greenery and the tropical atmosphere is complemented by the parrot’s beautiful sounds.

The Ravenala Attitude Hotel are located right on the beach, south of Grand Baie on the northwest side of the island. You  cannot believe that the hotel houses 272 rooms, 10 restaurants, large pool areas, two tennis courts and a gym. Because of the large, well-planned area and the beautiful architecture, the Ravenala Attitude feels very cozy and intimate.

I want to say that this is NOT a sponsored article. I write about our family vacation and my opinion and thoughts about this hotel.

The reception area
There are many beautiful areas around the hotel. Here is the lounge area at the reception.

Family room with plenty of space at Ravenala Attitude Hotel

We stayed in a family room with an area of 72 sqm where the children slept in one part of the room and me and my husband in the other part of the room. The open plan in the room makes it easy to watch the kids sleeping from our masterbed. We had a crib pre-booked for Judith. 

The rooms are clean and beautiful, modern decorated with lovely neutral colors. Two sinks in the bathroom, a shower and a bathtub, makes everyone to fit and we could do several things at the same time. The entrance to our room was on the ground floor which was optimal for us who had a baby stroller. In the other direction in our room we had a large, lovely balcony overlooking the garden. Wifi is available in all areas of the hotel.

View from our balcony
Double bed
Children's section in the room
Children’s part of the room. There are two single beds.

The food at Ravenala Attitude Hotel

Mauritius is famous for its amazing cuisine. Here you eat a mixture of Indian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Creole food.

There are 10 restaurants at the hotel, but 3 of them are “adults-only”. Here you have the “dine around” concept which means that you can choose to dine at any restaurant you want. However, we noticed that it is a good idea to pre-book the restaurants one week ahead on arrival at the hotel so that you certainly can try all the restaurants. You book a table very easy with help from a staff at a special place in the restaurant area.

The restaurants at the hotel serves different kind of food, for example A Tavola serves Italian cuisine, Kot Nou has Mauritian food, Madame Ming asian food. Our children liked the burgers at The Bistro, which also serves salads. On the beach, the Beach BBQ serves a buffet. Here you can bring shovel and bucket so your children can sit in the sand next to the table and play after the meal while adults can finish their food in calmness.

Cooks cooking in the beach restaurant
The lovely beach BBQ restaurant
Children at Mauritius Ravenala Attitude
Beautiful evenings at the BBQ Restaurant
Madame Ming Mauritius with children
Madame Ming serves Asian food.

All Inclusive at Ravenala Attitude

We had All inclusive package so everything was included in the price, starter, main course and dessert at all the restaurants at the hotel, there was always something that our children could eat. We had the breakfast buffet at the main restaurant Mosaic where you can choose breakfast from all the corners of the world. Our favorites were muesli with milk, porridge, pancakes with Nutella, omelette that the staff fried on place with ingredients of your choice, and the nice fresh fruit.

In the afternoon they serve tea, coffee, juices and pancakes  in one of the lounges. Our children loved the pancakes and the different toppings you could have on top. 

Water bottles with drinking water are available free of charge at the hotel. Before our excursion we could bring several bottles at the same time. You can also order a picnic free of charge to bring on your excursion, if you tell the staff one day before.

Children eat pancakes at Ravenala Attitude
Pancakes was a great snack between meals.
Ravenala Attitude Mauritius with children
Refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks

The pool area at Ravenala Attitude Hotel

The Ravenala Attitude Hotel has a fantastic pool area for children. The deeper swimming pool for adults are also great and are right next to the shallow swimming pool. The children’s pool are large and shallow with a depth of 40 cm. One part of the pool is shaded by a sail that protects against the strong sun. Judith loved to sit on the stair to the children pool and pour with her jug and her bucket. Wilhelm and Hjalmar had a small ball that they threw to each other or played with their inflatable dolphin that we had bought in the shop at the hotel. 

There are plenty of sun beds and around the pool palm trees grow. Judith sometimes took her nap in the shade beneath the palm trees. However, do not place the stroller under a palm with coconuts with a risk of a nut falling down.

Children's Pool Mauritius
Large, lovely children’s pool
Children's Pool Mauritius Ravenala Attitude
Wilhelm enjoys the pool

Kid-friendly Hotel Mauritius

The beach at Ravenala Attitude Hotel

You can walk barefoot to the beach because it is just by the hotel. The water can sometimes be a little bit unclear here but warm and nice. Our kids could stay in the water forever, they loved it. We also took the opportunity to have an ice cream break in the beach lounge. You can spend your days at the hotel just relaxing on a sun bed on the beach. However, I love to walk along the beach with the kids and look for beautiful shells and other exciting things that washed ashore. You will need bathing shoes because the corals and the shells are very sharp. 

Ravenala Attitude HotelThe beautiful hotel beach

Mauritius with children Ravenala Attitude

Great activity to search for shells and beautiful stones.

Children at Mauritius Ravenala Attitude

Almost every evening we had a stunning sunset at the beach

Children at Mauritius Ravenala Attitude
Look for shells and watch the sunset – it can’t get any better.

Water activities at Ravenala Attitude

The hotel has a small bungalow on the beach where you can book water activities like snorkeling excursions, glass-bottom boat tours, kayaks, paddle boats and paddle boards. This is free of charge if you have the all inclusive package. 

We made a trip with a glass bottom boat which our kids thought was very exciting. Don’t expect to see beautiful living corals, right here it was actually not so much to see. But we saw some fish and dead corals. We also went out on a dolphin safari when we heard that someone just saw dolphins in a bay close by. Unfortunately, the dolphins had disappeared when we got there. 

Life jackets are available to borrow from the beach bungalow but we had brought our children’s life jackets from home.

Children at Mauritius Ravenala Attitude
Judith and the staff are discussing different water activities

Ravenala Attitude Hotel with kids

The Ravenala Attitude is not a typical family hotel with a lot of noise, scream and children playing around everywhere. I must say that this is a classy hotel with tidy people and I like this type of hotel very much. The staff is great to kids and chat and joke with them. As a family with children you feel very welcome here and the staff will help you in any way to make your stay smooth and easy. 

For Scandinavian families The Ravenala Attitude Hotel is very popular. The mascot Bamse visited the hotel a few times every week to the children’s great delight. During our stay we also had time to dance at the Bamse disco a few times. 

The Scandinavian TUI staff also organizes children’s games in the pool every weekday, which was a great way for children to get to know other children at the hotel.

As I mentioned before the pool area for children are great!

Blue Star Mauritius
Wilhelm and Bamse

Kids club at Ravenala Attitude

The hotel has an international kids club that organises fun activities for children throughout the day. Among other things, they have crab hunting on the beach in the evening with flashlights. Our children did not try the kids club but sometimes we played in their enclosure where we kicked some ball.

The Hotel Shop

At the hotel there is a small shop where you can buy clothes and swimwear for both adults and children, sand toys, inflatable pool toys, sun hats, souvenirs, etc.

Day trip to other Attitude hotels on the island

If you are staying at an Attitude hotel on the island with the all inclusive package, you can make a day trip to another Attitude hotels. Ask the staff for help to contact the other hotel of your choice so they can welcome you on your arrival. In Mauritius there are seven Attitude Hotels scattered on the island. 

We chose to visit the small cozy boutique hotel Friday Attitude located on the eastside of the island. You pay the taxi yourself, but the lunch at the hotel you visit is included. We had a great day at the small cozy hotel Friday Attitude. Delicious lunch buffet, pool bath and swimming in the beautiful turquoise see at the hotel. The staff were very friendly and helpful, even if we were just visitors over the day.

Children in Mauritius
Nice pool at the hotel Friday Attitude
Children in Mauritius
The amazing beach at Friday Attitude Hotel
Children in Mauritius
Napping before bathing again

Green Attitude Foundation

2014 the Green Attitude Foundation was officially launched. The Foundation works with the environment and sustainability on the island. Among other things, they replant mangrove along the coast, support projects in marine flora and fauna, hold environmental education for their staff, support local craftsmen and musicians, and sponsor various cultural events.

Our opinion about The Ravenala Attitude Hotel

As you may understand we loved our stay at this hotel. We could have stayed at the hotel everyday for two weeks without doing any excursions on the island. (But we wanted to see the island so we did a lot of excursions Children).

The staff were very friendly and helpful. Our children loved the pool area and could have splashed around there every single day. The hotel food is delicious and well-cooked, with great variety. You can see that the staff are aware of the importance of hygienically prepared food. The hotel beach has the most beautiful sunset. We just love this place and hope to return very soon again. 

You find the hotel site here The Ravenala Attitude

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