Travelling with children

Here under the title Restips you can find information that facilitates travel with children. It's an amazing privilege to get to travel with children and show them the world. It is also incredibly stimulating for the child to be part of a trip, both short trips for some scenery, and long trips with all that it means.

Even if the child is small and may not remember the trip or excursion later in life, they develop incredibly much by getting to know so many different experiences.

The child may experience a different nature, perhaps a new culture, face adversity, meet different people, taste new food, etc. The child is allowed to practice being patient and open to other people, which often makes them calmer and safer in themselves. 

With my page OtterMonkey, I would like to give you advice and guidance to simplify travel with children. I have among other things written detailed information on how to facilitate the flight in my article fly with children.

What to consider when it comes to food on the trip, I have written about in the article children and food on the trip.

Tips and advice on packing I have written about in these articles depending on whether you are going to a warm destination or winter destination.
Packing list Sun and beach holidays
Packing List Ski holiday

Then it is always good to be prepared if someone in the party would become ill during the journey. I have written information about this in my article sick during the trip.

I would also like to inspire you with fun and exciting destinations to suit families with children. You can find the destinations in the menu divided into destinations in Sweden and travel abroad.

I will constantly develop the page OtterMonkey, and replenish with new interesting destinations.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Nice reading! 🙂

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